Another Sad Sign of our Society

I received an email tonight that just saddens me because of the potential implications it has on our society. The email describes a new issue posing a significant risk, where individuals use empty soda bottles and common household items to… Read More »

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Focusing On Our Future: Investing In Our Children

Dealing with fraud and forensic matters, largely involving people stealing, lying, and ultimately ruining their life and the lives of their family, friends and employers, can make one take a dim view of the world and today’s state of society. … Read More »

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Recycling – Things I Didn't Know

I am amazed at the things I have learned in the past year while attending Boy Scout trips and outings. Recently our pack traveled to the recycling museum, where we were provided a tour of the recycling plant.  Our town… Read More »

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What Side Of The Vehicle For Filling Fuel?

In the spirit of my posts where I try to pass along useful information I learn mainly about fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes, I thought it would be a great diversion from the usual posts to pass along other… Read More »

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How Do You Secure Your Vehicle? Another Word of Caution.

Technology is great. Today we have gadgets that make our lives simpler and more efficient.  The problem is for every new gadget there comes potential risks, making our lives harder and more complex again, especially in today’s society where too… Read More »

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