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What's the Most Imporant Asset In Your Business?

A recent case reminded me that while funds stolen by an employee are a big problem, there could be other actions of the employee that have an even bigger effect on the business.

Avoid the Race For Equity

Employers need to examine their insurance coverage to ensure sufficient employee crime coverage has been obtained. In a recent case an employee embezzled over $10,000. As the amount was growing towards $20,000 with no end in sight, we started to strategize… Read More »

Another Reason To Support AIG

Continuing to receive taxpayer funds to replace their use of funds for personal benefit, why are we using taxpayer funds to support AIG? The politicians remind us of the poor folks struggling to maintain AIG’s financial health as they allow… Read More »

Government bail-out of AIG

Here’s one reason we should support using taxpayer dollars to bail out AIG ??? It makes no sense to me – using taxpayer funds (including my own taxes) to bail out AIG when they continue to spend as if nothing… Read More »

Irony or Darwin Material?

Why would members of a group whose mission is to oversee the police department choose to steal from the organization? The organizations individuals choose to victimize never stops amazing me. Was it a flawed victim selection process, or did the… Read More »

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