State Employees Who Didn't File State Tax Returns???

In light of every state in the country suffering a financial crises trying to minimize their budget deficits at the risk of increasing taxes to cover shortfalls, I could not believe it today when I read about some of the… Read More »


Up until a few hours ago when a colleague called me to tell me about this story, I had never heard of Huron.  Then I did some research.  Huron was a consulting firm started by a group of Anderson partners… Read More »

Like I've Said – Enjoy Today and Be Thankful, Because You Just Never Know.

It’s amazing how life can change in a moment without notice. I am a big advocate for being thankful for the things you have in your life today, such as family, friends, and your health. So many in society are… Read More »

Accountants Always Get A Bad Rap

Why is it that accounting has such a negative reputation as a career choice? It continues even though the profession has changed so much over the years. Tonight I was watching a fairly new children’s Christmas movie – “Christmas Is… Read More »

Midnight Breakfast Event

Last evening was University of Connecticut’s pre-finals send off event for their students. What a great event.

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