Your Legacy

Nothing like a bit of reality to bring an otherwise Happy Thanksgiving weekend to a close. My close neighbor fighting for his life in my last post passed away on Thanksgiving Day.Today, planning to attend his wake this afternoon, we… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. Today is a special day to reflect on the good things you have going on in your life, and be thankful. There just aren’t enough days set aside in the year to escape the rat race, to take… Read More »

Your Never To Old To Learn Things

Today in Connecticut the temperature never rose above freezing. Outside all day, I was expecting to freeze. I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t, and I learned new things today.

Setting The Tone

In any situation establishing the initial tone will help to accomplish the goals and objectives. Today’s tone setting by the Congressional committee meeting with US auto makers spoke volumes.

Government bail-out of AIG

Here’s one reason we should support using taxpayer dollars to bail out AIG ??? It makes no sense to me – using taxpayer funds (including my own taxes) to bail out AIG when they continue to spend as if nothing… Read More »

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